DEC’s Croton River Hydrilla Project: Update

Bill Wegner, a staff scientist at Riverkeeper, emailed with me about the DEC’s plan for Croton River and has reassured me that the herbicide will not have adverse affects on anything except for the target hydrilla. He pointed to the fact that without this treatment, it is unlikely the the invasive hydrilla will be stopped, and the… Continue reading DEC’s Croton River Hydrilla Project: Update

Reblog: US EPA Pushing Huge Hike In Drinking Water Radioactivity

Originally posted on Mining Awareness + :
Comment on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Notice: [Nonprotective Inaction ] “Guide for Drinking Water after a Radiological Incident” here: by 11.59 pm on 25 July 2016. From “For Immediate Release: Jun 07, 2016 
EPA PUSHING HUGE HIKE IN DRINKING WATER RADIOACTIVITY Thousand-Fold Increase Following Fukushima-Type Incident –…

Clean Water for Kids

From tacking around to pick up floating remains of potato chip bags and mylar balloons to explaining why the river water is dirtier after it rains, I have learned a lot about explaining water quality to kids through teaching at EAST Sailing. Ages 8 to 15, they all understand a lot more than you’d think about the… Continue reading Clean Water for Kids

Meeting Captain Liz Clark

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. I have been following Captain Liz’s journey on her sailboat Swell for over a year now and, just a week ago, finally got to meet her. She has been sailing the world for the past ten years, surfing and exploring along the… Continue reading Meeting Captain Liz Clark

Riverkeeper Boat Log: Norrie Point to Waterford

Friday, June 17th: I arrived at Norrie Point Marina at 0700 to meet the Riverkeeper boat and cast off for Catskill. We passed the DEC sturgeon tagging team and waited to see what they would reel in. We drifted alongside for a little over an hour, watching them cast and reel in four times with no… Continue reading Riverkeeper Boat Log: Norrie Point to Waterford


As summer solstice approaches, the hot days get longer, the river gets warmer, and the boat ramps are bustling with trailers and people eager to launch and go play. The marina gets busier each night, boats dodging each other in the narrow channels between the docks. I see more trash in the river, as sunset… Continue reading Beginnings