Reblog: US EPA Pushing Huge Hike In Drinking Water Radioactivity

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Comment on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Notice: [Nonprotective Inaction ] “Guide for Drinking Water after a Radiological Incident” here: by 11.59 pm on 25 July 2016. From “For Immediate Release: Jun 07, 2016 
EPA PUSHING HUGE HIKE IN DRINKING WATER RADIOACTIVITY Thousand-Fold Increase Following Fukushima-Type Incident –…

Taking a Dip

When I was growing up in Cold Spring, New York, my friends and I would walk down to the river on humid, August afternoons and swim. We’d go in off the beach at Little Stony Point, or jump off the rocks near Garrison; one unbearably hot day we jumped off the pier at the waterfront and… Continue reading Taking a Dip