DEC Plans to Use Herbicide to Kill Hydrilla in Croton River, Swimming Ban to be Put in Place

Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic weed, has been overtaking the Croton River and has the potential of spreading into the Hudson. It clogs boat motors, reduces oxygen levels, and chokes local plants. A survey was conducted last summer by the DEC and Allied Biological and found that hydrilla has not yet spread into the Hudson, but that… Continue reading DEC Plans to Use Herbicide to Kill Hydrilla in Croton River, Swimming Ban to be Put in Place

What Goes Around…

Just one quart of oil can contaminate up to a quarter million gallons of drinking water or cause an oil slick almost 2 acres in size. – Nevada Environmental Products & Services, LLC Oil slicks in the Hudson are a fairly common sight, but aren’t usually offenses by large corporations. Most oil spills I’ve seen… Continue reading What Goes Around…

Sturgeon Surprise

“Docks to base. Come in base. Over.” “This is base. Go ahead. Over” “Uh, there’s a three foot long live sturgeon in this boat. How do you want me to handle this? … Over. ” At 0940 this morning, one of my coworkers at Croton Sailing School found a young sturgeon swimming in the cockpit of… Continue reading Sturgeon Surprise

Taking a Dip

When I was growing up in Cold Spring, New York, my friends and I would walk down to the river on humid, August afternoons and swim. We’d go in off the beach at Little Stony Point, or jump off the rocks near Garrison; one unbearably hot day we jumped off the pier at the waterfront and… Continue reading Taking a Dip

Riverkeeper Boat Log: Norrie Point to Waterford

Friday, June 17th: I arrived at Norrie Point Marina at 0700 to meet the Riverkeeper boat and cast off for Catskill. We passed the DEC sturgeon tagging team and waited to see what they would reel in. We drifted alongside for a little over an hour, watching them cast and reel in four times with no… Continue reading Riverkeeper Boat Log: Norrie Point to Waterford


As summer solstice approaches, the hot days get longer, the river gets warmer, and the boat ramps are bustling with trailers and people eager to launch and go play. The marina gets busier each night, boats dodging each other in the narrow channels between the docks. I see more trash in the river, as sunset… Continue reading Beginnings